Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Flivvers...!

So here's a set of early automobiles:  The Flivvers.

For a Roaring 20s game or a run from Cthulhu cultists, these are your machines.

5 styles to choose from: The sedan, the phaeton, the delivery van, the pickup truck, and the coupe.

Here's the link:

The Flivvers.

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Royal Navy Cannon.

So my next series of models is going to be based on the Royal Navy of Nelson's Era.

Lucky Jack Aubrey,  Horatio Hornblower, Bloody Jacky Faber....!

Some figures, some naval stuff, and maybe a medium sized ship or two.

So to start off, the first model is a pair of Royal Navy Cannons of the era.

Here's the link (2 cannons on one page pdf):

Royal Navy Cannons

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Wooden Fort.

This is a log pallisade mound fort model I designed years and years ago.

It's pretty simple with a single gate tower and modular straight wall and corner sections that paperclip you could in theory make a really big fort.  Really big.

It's fairly generic, so it could be iron age, medieval, or even wild west.

Thanks to Mproteau from Cardboard Warriors for the great build photo.  

So here's the link to the Wooden Fort:

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PS;  If you haven't seen Cardboard Warriors before, go check them out.  A great community with lots of free models.


Here's some scurvy devils for your next try at Treasure Island, Black Sails, or Davy Jone's Locker!!!

Higher res pdf here:

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Monday, August 21, 2017

StormTroopers, CloneTroopers, BattleDroids


Here's a few Star Wars baddies....or goodies.

I guess that depends what side you're on.

Done in the chunky style of gaming miniatures.

The 2 page PDF (in much higher resolution) can be found at this link:

Hope you like, 


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Serenity / Firefly Inspired Figures: The Crew

Here's the crew of Serenity, in 30mm.
The perfect addition to your Serenity Shuttle.

Download the jpg (letter sized page) here:

Serenity Crew

Hope you like,


Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Shuttle. Firefly/Serenity Style.

Here's a big damn shuttle...or little damn ship for your spacefarers to explore their 'verse in.
And get into all kinds of trouble.

Obviously based on the Firefly/Serenity shuttle.
Only a bit simpler with low mounted fixed wings instead of the high swivel kind.

That's why I call it the FireBeetle Shuttle, Mark II.

A seven page PDF here:

Hope you like,

Grendel's Mother64.