Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Giant Squid and the Jolly-Boat.

Beware the Kraken!
OK, he's a little smaller than Captain Jack's Kraken, but he's still a pretty big squid.
And he comes with a little Jolly-boat, or ship's boat, kinda like the one Captain Jack stole from Anna-Maria.
And then sank in that cool opening scene of Pirates of the Caribbean....?

Sorry, I couldn't find a colour pic anywhere.
The boat is brown wood and and plain canvas...pretty much boat-like.
And the squid is kinda speckly, squidly orange...pretty much squid-like.
Here's a bit of that texture:

These were posted on "Miniatures in  Paper" quite a few years back.
I think these were the first paper models I ever posted online.
I like the boat, and I like the squid's paint job, but he's a bit clunky as a model.
Try him out anyway...he's pretty simple to build...and he's free.
The boat will fit a few 28mm(ish) figs, and the squid is big enough to be a challenge to a few cutlass wielding pirates.

They're both together in one PDF file right here:   Giant Squid and Jolly-boat.

(1 page instructions, 4 page for the squid and 2 for the boat....7 pages total)

Hope you like,

Grendel's Mother

Edit: Ignatius from Cardboard Warriors recently made the model and has generously allowed me to post a pic here:

Thanks Ignatius.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Birch Bark Canoe.

"Land of the silver birch, home of the eagle, where still the mighty moose wanders at will......"

Yup, the old Algonquin standby: the birch bark canoe.
So prepare to dip your paddle and practice your J-stroke....
(paddle not included)

Fits a couple of 28mm(ish) figures.

One page (actually...about half a page), instructions included.

Hope you like,

Grendel`s Mother

(Last Wild West post for a while. And yup, that`s Dryw's wrangler from Cardboard Warriors)

The Stagecoach.

Another Wild West model: this time the stagecoach.
The 2:00 PM "Card and Stock Overland Express" from Tumblebranch Crossing...not exactly the nicest little town in the Western Territories...
The dang thing is never on time....

This was originally posted on Cardboard Warriors along with The Covered Wagon.
You'll find the two 28mm(ish) paper figs in the pic there too (by Dryw and Scarecrow).

Room for the driver on the perch, cargo on the back, and the guy with the shotgun on the roof.
But, as per usual, horses not included.

Here's the link: The Stagecoach.

(one page jpg, with instructions)

Hope you like,

Grendel's Mother

The Covered Wagon.

Here's a covered wagon from the Wild West.

This model was originally posted at Cardboard Warriors about a year ago.
If you haven't been to Cardboard Warriors, check it out, a great resource and meeting place for cardstock gaming geeks (like myself).
The old prospector paper fig in the pic is from Dryw the Harper and is posted there as well.

This model can be built as a regular utility wagon, or you can add the conestoga covered wagon conversion for a real "Westward ho!!" look.

Build a few and you can put 'em in a circle.

But you're on your own to round up a team of horses...
(maybe I'll get to the horses one day...)

Here's the links :

(jpgs, one page each with instructions)

Hope you like,

Grendel's Mother

The Jet Speeder.

Introducing the Ganymede Jet Speeder: a cool, retro sci-fi ride.
Equally great for chasing down rampaging moon-gnarks across the plains of Mare Tranquility, or for pulling up at Halley's Supra-Terrestrial Shake 'n Grill for the gnark-burger and blue-shake combo in dashing style.

Think "Luke's Landspeeder crossed with a 1959 Cadillac."

This model was made a few years ago for the Yahoo group "Miniatures in Paper".

The cockpit is big enough to squeeze in a 28mm(ish) based figure...maybe two if they're very close friends.
Do you think Buck Rogers' and Flash Gordon's egos will both fit....but which one would drive?
Maybe you'll have to make two...

Here's the link: The Ganymede Jet Speeder.

(PDF file, instructions pg 1, model pg 2)

Hope you like,

Grendel's Mother

The Faering.

From Wikipedia:
"A faering is an open boat with two pairs of oars commonly found in most boat-building traditions of Western and Northern Scandinavia."
These boats date back to the Viking Era, and several examples were excavated with the Gokstad ship.

These may have been what Tolkien had in mind when describing the boats of Lake-Town.
I have a master plan to design a whole Lake-Town set, with docks and boats and buildings, but you'll have to wait for that one...maybe for a long time....
These boats were also the inspiration for the Elven canoes from Peter Jackson's LOTR.
Maybe I'll texture a version to match.  So many little time.....

So, here's a small faering boat model, suitable for Viking, Dark Ages, or Fantasy gaming.
Or just to have floating around your docks.
Its a waterline model, scaled for 25-30 mm figures with room for a few figures to stand inside.
There's three different coloured versions, the third one is slightly longer.
Each one prints on a single 8.5x11 page at full scale.
With instructions.

Download the jpg's here...

Hope you like,

Grendel's Mother

The "Welcome" Post

"Welcome to my place to put my card-stock model stuff for anyone to use.
I mostly design for 25-30 mm gaming, so the majority of models are scaled at 1"=5' (or about 60:1).
The general idea is to make them as easy to put together, but as functional as possible for use with figures.
And sturdy.
And good looking.
And free.
Posting may be erratic...I tend to have a hard time getting the "finishing touches" done, but I'll try to put up my old stuff as I can, and any new stuff as I finish it.
Hope you like.

Grendel's Mother


That was from 2010.
The first, and up until now, only blog post I ever made.
"Posting may be erratic..."...? No kidding....

OK, so about two years ago I tried to start a blog...spent a few days trying to figure out Blogger...decided I was too stupid for really busy with something else (life I think)...and then completely forgot all about it..

So...I'm cleaning up my laptop the other day and I find the link to my failed blog attempt with that one sad little post.
And I think "That was a good idea, maybe I'll try it again."

So I'm giving it another go...funny, Blogger stuff doesn't seem near as complicated as I far anyway...

So here I am, back to the original plan, with a hard-drive full of old models and half-finished ideas, and now a place to put them, and maybe a little more incentive to finish them.

But if you don't see any more posts for the next 2 years, then at least you'll know I'm being consistent....

Grendel's Mother.