Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Stagecoach.

Another Wild West model: this time the stagecoach.
The 2:00 PM "Card and Stock Overland Express" from Tumblebranch Crossing...not exactly the nicest little town in the Western Territories...
The dang thing is never on time....

This was originally posted on Cardboard Warriors along with The Covered Wagon.
You'll find the two 28mm(ish) paper figs in the pic there too (by Dryw and Scarecrow).

Room for the driver on the perch, cargo on the back, and the guy with the shotgun on the roof.
But, as per usual, horses not included.

Here's the link: The Stagecoach.

(one page jpg, with instructions)

Hope you like,

Grendel's Mother

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  1. I just wanted to thank you so much. My son needed a stage coach for a school project diorama and we printed this out and used it. It is Perfect!!