Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Jet Speeder.

Introducing the Ganymede Jet Speeder: a cool, retro sci-fi ride.
Equally great for chasing down rampaging moon-gnarks across the plains of Mare Tranquility, or for pulling up at Halley's Supra-Terrestrial Shake 'n Grill for the gnark-burger and blue-shake combo in dashing style.

Think "Luke's Landspeeder crossed with a 1959 Cadillac."

This model was made a few years ago for the Yahoo group "Miniatures in Paper".

The cockpit is big enough to squeeze in a 28mm(ish) based figure...maybe two if they're very close friends.
Do you think Buck Rogers' and Flash Gordon's egos will both fit....but which one would drive?
Maybe you'll have to make two...

Here's the link: The Ganymede Jet Speeder.

(PDF file, instructions pg 1, model pg 2)

Hope you like,

Grendel's Mother


  1. Can I ask what tool you used to texture this and your other cars?

    Cool design by the way, really like that retro styling. I'm looking at it and thinking some gunpods and I've got a very nice single person ground attack craft, to give Dave Okums Retro Space humans.

  2. I use CorelDraw to do the model layouts mostly (sometimes Sketchup then convert the flat fiels to Corel).
    For this model most of the texturing was done directly on CorelDraw with gradient fills and lines of different values and weights (pretty simple if you closely).
    Sometimes I use Gimp or Corel PhotoPaint, and often I take bits from actual photographs to fill in spaces.
    Okum's stuff is great...I wish I could do figure drawing as well as he does.