Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Giant Squid and the Jolly-Boat.

Beware the Kraken!
OK, he's a little smaller than Captain Jack's Kraken, but he's still a pretty big squid.
And he comes with a little Jolly-boat, or ship's boat, kinda like the one Captain Jack stole from Anna-Maria.
And then sank in that cool opening scene of Pirates of the Caribbean....?

Sorry, I couldn't find a colour pic anywhere.
The boat is brown wood and and plain canvas...pretty much boat-like.
And the squid is kinda speckly, squidly orange...pretty much squid-like.
Here's a bit of that texture:

These were posted on "Miniatures in  Paper" quite a few years back.
I think these were the first paper models I ever posted online.
I like the boat, and I like the squid's paint job, but he's a bit clunky as a model.
Try him out anyway...he's pretty simple to build...and he's free.
The boat will fit a few 28mm(ish) figs, and the squid is big enough to be a challenge to a few cutlass wielding pirates.

They're both together in one PDF file right here:   Giant Squid and Jolly-boat.

(1 page instructions, 4 page for the squid and 2 for the boat....7 pages total)

Hope you like,

Grendel's Mother

Edit: Ignatius from Cardboard Warriors recently made the model and has generously allowed me to post a pic here:

Thanks Ignatius.

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