Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Big Cars.

The big, anonymous grey the one Agent Coulson drives (you know he doesn't own it, it's more like a lease...).   In a few dull, bureaucratic colours, but with a police cruiser and taxi option as well.
(the various law enforcement agents are Dark Mook's, from the Cardboard Warriors Forum)

These models are the start of a larger plan to create a whole parking lot of various 25-30mm-ish (60th scale) "regular" cars.  At least one version of most of the North American car classes...full size, compact, sub-compact, a few "common" colours for each.

Enough to populate any inner city, freeway, parking lot or street scene with a bit of variety.

The plan is to make them fairly generic in style, but seeing as I come from a "Ford" family, they're likely to resemble Fords a little more than others.

And they have bottoms! So your scene will still look good during an Alien invasions with big rolling, car flipping explosions...or an unruly zombie hoard tipping cars in search of a snack...or a plain, good old "Hulk smash!!!!"

So...the first off the assembly line is your Grandfather's sedan (which is also what the Cops and Cabbies drive):

Here are the links (each one is a jpg about a half page in size):

Navy Sedan

Dark Grey Sedan

Burgundy Sedan

Police Cruiser


Sorry, no printed instructions, but they are farily straightforward to put together.
Make sure to score the front/top/back part across the width at every tab intersection to be able to fold the profile shape of the car.  Glue the top and sides togther first, then fold under the running boards and glue in the bottom (folding the inside face of the wheels down then folding the ends in last).
The wheels don't have any 3D thickness, but considering they are in shadow, I don't think you notice it too much.

Hope you like,

Grendel's Mother.

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