Friday, May 25, 2012

The SUVs. Both kinds.

The SUVs:  the Crossover and the really, really big 4x4 bigg'n.

In the most elegant of designer colours, and sparkly showroom clean...for the moment.  (who are we kidding, nobody gets their Lexus Crossover muddy....)
 (figs are Okumarts...except of course for the Wookie)

Here's the links:  (all JPG's, about half a page for the crossover and almost a full page for the bigg'n.

Crossover in Ivory, Charcoal, Cherry, Navy, and Mint.

Full Sized SUV in Bone, Lilly Pad, Royal, Poppy, Dusk, and Gold.

 (yeah...white, grey, red, blue, green, yellow....)

Hope you like,

Grendel's Mother.


  1. i build one vof your models the ford flex concept i beleve? and i want to tell you your creation of cars and suv's are awsome and out of this world!! ;) can you make lamborghinis that is my most favory supercar of all and your hubcaps blades designs are coooolll!!!!! i mean all of them! :) and i did an enlarge one on your ford flex model a 1/24 scale if you like me to send them to you i have them allready avalable i just need to send them to your e-mail address and thank's for making them free!

    my e-mail adress is or .

    1. Do you mean photographs of one you've made?
      That would be cool to see.

      A lamborghini would be a fun model...maybe sometime I will try one.

    2. how can i send them to you?

  2. i just send you the whole photos and files to you hope you got them today?