Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Royal Navy Cannon.

So my next series of models is going to be based on the Royal Navy of Nelson's Era.

Lucky Jack Aubrey,  Horatio Hornblower, Bloody Jacky Faber....!

Some figures, some naval stuff, and maybe a medium sized ship or two.

So to start off, the first model is a pair of Royal Navy Cannons of the era.

Here's the link (2 cannons on one page pdf):

Royal Navy Cannons

Hope you like,



  1. Amazing! I found your blog on Cardboard Warriors and I just download the boats and the Giant Squid. Tks for this great job!

  2. Hey! These do look amazing indeed, but there is a slight problem. I downloaded your test model, this model at CWF, and the same PDF here. When I print them, I get the text but not the cannons! I know Adobe has been through a lot of updates lately, could there be an issue there? I really want to try my shaky old hands at these. Please get back to me on this.