Thursday, June 14, 2012

LakeTown: more dock bits: the "spacers"

This piece is a spacer.
Not very glamorous I know, but important in the big picture.

In order to present a continous post/cross-beam/post/cross-beam/post face in the LakeTown model, the spacer goes between the high dock sections.
In the pic above you can see how this works....except for the one floating there all by itself (just to show what you're getting).

They've already been textured (a greyish weathered wood look) but I don't have enough made for a decent picture so you'll have to imaging it from the graphic above...I'll get one up later.

I've also included a few squares of the planking texture in this one, so you can use it for the interior bits of your model (mount it on heavy cardboard or foamcore...that way you don't have to build endless high dock bits....).

So download it here:

And if you actually build one, let me know....maybe send me the pics....

Hoope you like,

Grendel's Mother64.

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